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Wireless Cat Ear Headphones - Perfect for Gamers!

Wireless Cat Ear Headphones - Perfect for Gamers!

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Key features/selling points:

1. Wireless & Bluetooth 5.0+EDR - Seamless listening experience

2. Cat Ear Glow Lights - Fun and unique design

3. Foldable & Portable Design - Easy to take on the go

4. Long Battery Life (≤6 hours) - Extended listening time

5. Stylish & Comfortable (Pink) - Fashionable and comfortable for everyday use.


Upgrade your listening experience with our premium B39B Wireless Cat Ear Headphones. These stylish headphones are the perfect gift for the gamer girl in your life. With cat ear glow lights and a sleek pink design, they are sure to impress. Enjoy wireless and seamless listening with Bluetooth 5.0+EDR technology, and take them on the go with the foldable and portable design. With a long battery life of up to 6 hours, these headphones are perfect for gaming and everyday use. Don't miss out on our limited time best seller, the B39B Wireless Cat Ear Headphones - the perfect fit for any stylish and tech-savvy individual.

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