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Pikachu Genuine PokemonWireless Mouse

Pikachu Genuine PokemonWireless Mouse

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USB support: Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows ME, Windows VISTA, Windows 7/8,
Windows 10, Max OS X ,
Bluetooth support: Devices with Bluetooth functionality. The tablet Apple phone can be used from above.
Battery: AA/1.5 [No. 5 battery] one
Link distance: within 8M
Receiver: equipped with a USB battery cover. Open it and there is a white receiver inside
Install the USB before use and wait 10-15 seconds before installing the battery.

Korea imported genuine Pikachu Bluetooth wireless mouse.

mouse connection

1. USB connection, insert the USB connector to the computer host

2. Bluetooth connection, press and hold the left button + right button + middle wheel button of the mouse at the same time to turn on the mouse Bluetooth

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