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K500 Mechanical RGB Keyboard

K500 Mechanical RGB Keyboard

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Features Of K500

1, 94 Keys 90% layout
2, PBT shot keycaps
3, Allow Hot-swappable
4, 20 kinds of RGB Backlit
5, All keys Anti-ghosting
6, 18 Multimedia Keys

PBT Shot Keycaps

PBT shot injection keycap , design for durability and crystal clear uniform backlighting

Two Color To Choose

90% LAYOUT---94 Keys Design

Crafted for productivity, the K500's 90% layout is a version to allows users access to all the essential multimedia and function keys, but with a smaller footprint.


The K500 is designed to fit your dedicated typing experience. No matter what you like, linear, clicky or a little in between, we've got you covered with three Huano switches options (Blue, Brown, Red). We want to make sure that you experience the same feedback for every keystroke.


You can easily hot-swap every switch in a few seconds to customize your typing experience on the K500 without soldering.

Wonderful RGB Backlight Effects

The K500 features RGB lighting with 16.8 million LED colors , you can download additional lighting effects to the library and easily use them through the lighting effects driver

Detachable Type-C Cable

Type-C is powerful than older usd types and transfer data faster than any other USD type .

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