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Retro Mechanical Keyboard

Retro Mechanical Keyboard

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Axis Body

Operation process of wireless connection:

1. Add 2 brand new AAA batteries to the bottom of the keyboard.

2. Turn on the power switch at the bottom of keyboard.

3. Bluetooth connection mode:

1) Press FN+W/E for three seconds,the indicator of W/E key will flash,indicating that the keyboard is in pairing mode.

2) Turn on the bluetooth of your device, click on the keyboard bluetooth name to pair,the keyboard bluetooth name: K68TB5.0.

If the pairing is successful, the W/E key will turns off the light, and you can start using it.

4.2.4G wireless connection mode:

1) Press FN+Q for three seconds, and the light of the Q key will flash quickly.

2) Insert the 2 in 1 dual interface receiver into your device, and it will be paired automatically.

3) The light of the Q key is off, which means that the pairing is successful and it can be used.

The keyboard can be connected to 3 devices at the same time, supporting connection to PC, laptop, smartphone, tablet, PS4, PS5, Xbox. You can quickly switch devices by pressing FN+W/E/Q, and you can easily switch scenes between games, work, and daily use.

Keyboard Wake Up/Sleep

If your keyboard is sleeping, press any key to wake up your keyboard, it will remember the last device connected.

If the key response is delayed or lost, pls follow the steps below:

1) Please turn off the bluetooth mode or dial out the receiver, then reconnect.

2) Please check whether the battery is installed correctly, replace the battery or replace it with a new one.

Some FN combination functions:

FN+Q: Switch to 2.4G wireless mode

FN + W/E: Switch to Bluetooth mode

FN+T: Multimedia player

FN+U/Y: Volume+/-

FN + I: Mute/Unmute

FN+{ : Play/Pause. FN+}/P : Next/Previous Song

FN+WIN: Lock/Unlock Win

What's in the box:


Keycap Puller*1

Switches Puller*1

2-in-1 Receiver*1


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